Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowball Fight in Trafalgar Square organised through Twitter

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who attended & helped to promote the battle of Trafalgar snowball fight.

Awareness of the event reached a hug
e UK audience mostly via the social networking site Twitter. Seeded on the Snowball Fight Twitter account the hype surrounding the event snowballed until the terms 'snowball fight' & 'Trafalgar' became the two most retweeted keywords in the UK. The Snowball twitter account then became the most retweeted ‘person’ by lunchtime (

Unfortunately however the conditions soon took a turn for the worse and many of the city folk fled to their homes. Most of the busses, trains and tubes then ground to a halt! This left only the patriotic to fight. Furthermore there seemed to be a media blackout by the afternoon with only a few websites, blogs and one radio station left to inform the nation about the battle.

At 6.20pm the (smaller then first anticipated) snowball fight began. Valiant teams pelted ice, slush and grit at one another. One soldier solemnly reported that despite their best efforts “the French and silly hat wearers won" (@Hippowill).

Next time London receives a good flurry of snow we intend to ‘Take back Trafalgar’ and punish the enemy for this somewhat humiliating defeat. teh Snowball fight was suggested by James Norris a Social Media Strategist in London

Thanks for your support

@tweetospere London


  1. Yes, it was a valiant long distance fight! Few people were present but all were highly motivated. Given short supplies of snow available on Trafalagar Square, self designated teams guarded snow reserves with their very lives.

    Representing the French: @Hippowill, while @adcentered represented the silly hat wearers along with a third nameless warrior. We secured the snow reserves on the eastern side of the National Gallery and targeted people on top of the stairs with long range snowballs.

    Our Italian opponents conducted successful infiltration operations to carry away giant packs of snow from our reserves to re-supply the bunch of people on top of the steps.

    The battle lasted until about 7pm. The British will have to come in larger numbers next time if they want revenge!


    Willem aka @Hippowill
    Luis aka @adcentered
    Who was our ally, please make yourself known!

  2. Why did no one take pictures?