Friday, 17 April 2009

Pete & the Pirates Free Gig

UK band Pete & the Pirates are to perform a very special FREE gig at the Queen of Hoxton on Saturday night. It’s free to get in before 10pm. I am all over this spit and pubes on a Domino’s Pizza.

Blurb about the venue...

Bar, club and art collective, the Queen of Hoxton holds court in the heart of the East End, entertaining her neighbours with a tight programme of music accompanied by a rolling gallery of art installations, photographic exhibitions, fringe theatre and screenings. The ground floor is an intricate blend of window etchings, graffiti, ivy and a landscape of benches and screens . While the games room takes in table-football, vintage pinball and a unique Brighton pier 1960's gaming rarity. The Queens alter ego appears in the basement bar, dark and a little twisted, the space caters for her every whim hosting film nights, fringe theatre and sweaty raves. A youth club for the adults of the east side.