Saturday, 7 February 2009

Silent Disco - Liverpool Street St 6th February 2009 Review.

Last night one of the biggest Flashmob’s ever in the UK took place. It was in many ways a welcomed response to T-Mobiles awful advert that mimicked a Flash mob event for their own commercial gain. This event played host to over 13,000 revellers and what seemed to be 13,000 photographers.

This mob had everything from stage diving to break dancing and moshing.

The event was supposed to be a 15 minute “flash rave” however half an hour later there were still a good few thousand people in the station. The police soon stepped in and slowly moved people out of Liverpool street station. At this point London Underground thought that it would be a good idea to shut the station. This may have made sense prior to 7pm. However when it was time for everyone to go home via their travel card, they couldn’t. Silly, silly London Underground.

More video footage of this flashmob will be added to this blog at a later date. This footage will include more stage diving, more smiles and footage of the sillyness with police after the event.

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