Monday, 14 June 2010

Social Media Experiment at Glastonbury 2010

Social Media Strategist today announce the launch of the Social Media Experiment, which will take place in the Igloo Dome at Glastonbury 2010.

The experiment will fuse live music, DJ sets, spoken word, comedy and art with various online and social media platforms on Glastonbury’s 40th Birthday party. This merger will occur through the Igloo Dome’s high definition visuals and Dolby 6.1 surround sound technology. It will incorporate a variety of different social media platforms, streaming technology and Bluetooth, making the experiment a truly immersive experience.

The Social Media Experiment will take place on Friday the 25th June between 1pm & Midnight, and will feature a number of comedians, musicians, performance artists and live shows incorporating social media and interactive web technologies. Such events include a stand-up comedy act using ‘Chatroulette Live’. Other highlights include a virtual art gallery and a range of musicians using social media within their performances.

Today will also see the launch of the Social Media Experiment’s ‘Perform at Glastonbury 2010’ competition, which gives entrants the chance to perform live on the Glastonbury stage. In order to win, visitors to the site are asked to join the competition group on Facebook and post a link to prove that they are a in a band, an artists etc. The winning act will then be chosen from the group at random in this ‘flash mob’ style competition.

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